Ventilation Validation Testing


BCTS LTD are accredited by INAB under ISO 17025 to provide ventilation validation testing.

Independent ventilation validators ensure that design airflow rates are being achieved. This testing takes place after a ventilation system has been commissioned as outlined in TGD Part F. Actual airflow measurements are taken to ensure they comply with design airflow rates and are within measurement tolerances and design tolerances. The overall supply rate of the system is checked to ensure it is equal to or higher than the extract rate but by no more than 15%. For mechanical systems air flow rates are to be measured in both general and boost modes. Where natural ventilation is used the actual airflow of intermittent fans is to be measured. Independent validators do not make any adjustments to the system. They are not responsible for installation or confirming Part F compliance.

BCTS Ltd assessors test in accordance with I.S. EN 14134 : 2019 and met all requirements for testing and quality control as required under ISO 17025.