BCTS LTD are an ISO 17025 accredited company who can provide you with an INAB Air Tightness Testing Report as part of your building regulation compliance.

Building Completion Testing Services Ltd offers a robust consultancy service during the building and design stage and we recommend that you get in touch with us at the earliest possible stage so your development has the best chance of passing its air tightness test. Our air tightness testers have extensive background in the building industry and will be able to provide you with pragmatic and cost-effective insulation/sound-proofing options for your building.

Air Tightness testing is a process through which the building envelope is tested to quantify the air tightness or air leakage of the building.  Air Tightness Testing is a requirement legislated by Part L in the Technical Guidance Document (TGD) of the Building Regulation 2011 for newly built dwellings. The Building Regulations detail a maximum permitted threshold for the air pressure test of 5 m3.h/m2. For a new development with multiple units all dwellings need to be tested as set out under the TGD Part L

The air tightness test measures air leakage rates through a building envelope under controlled pressurisation and depressurisation. A fan is used to simulate a pressure difference (typically 50 Pascals) between the inside and outside of the building in comparison to natural air pressure. During the testing if there are any issues preventing the building from reaching the desired Air Permeability rate then our experienced staff work with you to track, identify and resolve the problems.

BCTS Ltd assessors test in accordance with EN ISO 9972-2015, ATTMA TSL1/TSL2/TSL3 and BCTS Ltd ISO 17025 Quality Management System accredited by INAB.